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Problem discovery, solution creation, and team alignment workshop.

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Are business bottlenecks keeping you from growth?

Do sticky problems eat away at your business?

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Put out those fires and can get back to growing your business.

Does it ever seem like your business is swallowing you whole, with all the sticky problems that slow down business growth?

I help business leaders eliminate those sticky problems, allowing them to escape the day-to-day operations, free up valuable time and get back to growing their businesses.

Sticky problems create time constraints that keep you from being the leader you want to be.


Meetings are a hassle.
Let us turn them into problem-solving workshops.

Do you worry about not providing enough guidance and direction to your leadership, and fear that it will make people feel stuck because they can’t grow, and then ultimately leave?

Does your team feel like it just has to accept the problems and find workarounds that become indoctrinated time and money sinks?

A Message From Matthew Shipp, President of Emberi Solutions

We facilitate structured meetings to help teams collaborate in a way that is effective, inclusive, and enjoyable.


Stop wasting time in meetings with circular discussions that go nowhere.

Our structured process will help your team get out of the weeds and back to focused progress.


Teamwork Reimagined

Take your team from stuck to solutions in record time.


Solve Your Organizational Challenges


A Framework For Generating Solutions


Accountability For Ongoing Team Success


Let's Talk About Your Team's Challenges and Goals!

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